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Company News >> Vietnam adjusts electricity price, and confirm price by light exposure(August,22th.2019)

 According to”Vietnam News”reported, undersecretary Shenghai Du who is ministry of industry and commerce announced, current purchasing price for electricity generated by photovoltaic is going to reform, and no longer execute uniform price with usd0.0935/KWH in the future, but different prices shall be decided by light exposure from related areas.

Shenghai Du indicates that they divide Vietnam into 4 regions by different light exposures, and fix 4 grades for purchasing prices. But, after consulting experts and international organizations’ advice, they plan to divide into 2 regions according to difference of light exposures, that is “Region 1”(Pingyang,Delle,Ninh Thuan,Phu Yen,etc) where enjoys related more light exposures, and rest in”Region 2”.Estimated electricity price respectively with VND1916/KWH(about 8.38 cents) and VND1758/KWH(about 7.09 cents).

According to statistic data of ministry of industry and commerce, up to now, total installation capacity for all kinds of pv equipments for pv power generations’ project is 25gigawatts,and 16.5gigawatts for wind power generation. Up to the end of June, There are total 89 power stations in operation in Vietnam,and additional projects waiting audit are about 400.

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