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Product name : Poly solar panel / module 300w
Product No. : 201625205451
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  • 25 Years linear performance warranty.
  • 12 years warranty on power output not fall below 90%
  • 10 Years warranty on material and workmanship
  • 24 hour-response service
  • Enhanced design for easy installation and long-term reliability



1) high efficency 

2) easy to install 

3) stand heavy rain and snow 

4) lower price 


1.  With advanced materials and equipments, our modules are designed and manufactured in consistency with the IEC 61215:1993 standards which can guarantee excellent electrical performance and the product life span of 25 years.

2. A film of PECVD is coated on the upper surface as antireflection measure which the characteristic of deep blue color.

3. The modules are embedded with a sheet of imported strong transparent glass, two sheets of long endurance EVA, a high efficiency poly-crystalline cells sheet and a sheet of antihumidity TPT for different weather conditions.

4. High quality anodized aluminum frame which is the choice for strong wind resistance and mountain terrain.

5. A multifunction box can safeguard safe connection.

6. The exterior design and electrical performance of each every module are fully tasted to guarantee superior quality

Solar Panel Data Sheet
Description of Specification Configuration Units Model
General Data
Maximum Power Pm(W) Watts 300W
Watt Tolerance    % ±3
Application     DC24V
Storage & Operating Temperature   Deg .C -45~85
Standard Test Conditions:Cell Temperature:25 Deg. C,Irradiance:1kW/m2,Air Mass: 1.5
Voltage & Ampereage
Maximum System Voltage   Volts 1000VDC
Maximum Operating Voltage Vmp Volts 37.8
Maximum Operating Current Imp Amps 7.94
Open Circuit Voltage Voc Volts 45.2
Short Circuit Current Isc Amps 8.51
Solar Cell
Cell Type and Diameter      Polycrystalline,156mm×156mm
Number of Cells  In Series   72(6×12)
Temperatures Coefficients
Temp Coefficent of Isc Tk Isc % per deg.C 0.05
Temp Coefficent of Voc Tk Voc % per deg.C -0.34
Temp Coefficient of Pmax Tk Pmax % per deg.C -0.45
Normal Op. Cell Temp (NOCT)   deg.C 45±2
Materials & Accessories Data (All Certified by CE and TUV) 
Junction Box      IP65 rated
Output Cable:Wire Diameter :4mm2 Length mm 900
Type of Cable Connector     MC Plug Type IV
Frame:Aluminum Alloy     Anodized
Front Glass:Low Iron,High Transmisson,Tempered glass Thickness   3.2mm
Cell Encapsulation Material EVA mm 0.5mm
Backsheet Cover Material TPT mm 0.3mm
Quality Warranty (Output Power)
  Power Production 90% Years 10
80% Years 25
Manufacturing    Years
Dimensions, Packing & Loading
Dimensions:Length×Width×Height   mm 1956*992*40
Weight   kg 25
Loading Capacity in Container      
  Pieces / Container   40' 396pcs
Pieces / Container   40'H 495pcs

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