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Company News >> European Commission decides extend anti-dumping to China on solar energy no longer(September,3rd.2018)
European Commission announced on 31th.August that anti-dumping and anti-subsidy on solar panel against China will be stopped by the deadline of 3rd,September.


European Commission stated the decision is made after taking considerations of European solar panel manufacturers,consumers and importers benefits.It is beneficial to European countries in long-term.Moreover,the decision makes for new renewable energy goals realization.


European Commission starts as highest as 64.9% anti-dumping tax and as highest as 11.5% anti-subsidy tax to solar panels suppliers from China from December,2013,and lasts for 2 years.It extends another 2 years from 2015.European commission extends anti-dumping and anti-subsidy to 18 months not general 5 years on March.2017.

European Commission told there is no rationality to extend anti-dumping and anti-subsidy after expiration on September.Therefore,European Commission declined anti-dumping review requests by relative industrial circles.

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