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Company News >> Operating capacity of solar energy in Ukraine reaches 841MW(April,18th.2018)

Up to March,2018,operating capacity of solar energy in Ukraine reaches 841MW.

In the first quarter of the year,there are about 100MW new installed grid-tie solar power station in Ukraine.This quantity is approaching to half installation capacity of renewable energy in 2017 in Ukraine.The government of Ukraine is still in the progress of introducing auction mechanism to replace of FIT plan.Government told that they believe the changes shall be in balance,and they considered development of renewable energy and economic position.

UARE estimates that photovoltaic amount of increase shall be 500-700MW in the year of 2018.Mainly driving factor for increasement is €0.1502($0.1863)/KWH for grid purchase price,and this is approved by Ukraine government for ground installation on-grid photovoltiac from 2017 to 2019.

Besides of FIT,Ukraine government supports a gigawatts solar pv project located in chernobyl Nuclear disaster area.Government supports distributed power generation by net metering.

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