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Company News >> Scientific knowledge for PV industry(March,14th.2019)

Shadow of building,tree leaves and even birds droppings above solar panels are influential electricity generation or not?

Answer:Sheltered solar cells shall be regarded as load in consumption,and emit heat to form Hot Spot with other solar cells which are not sheltered.Such phenomenon shall cause decrease of electricity generation and even burn whole solar panels.

2. Shall solar panels work as well in Rainy or cloudy weather?Is it possible weak in power supply or even power off?

Answer:In rainy or cloudy days when solar radiation is low,solar panels can work as well in weak light.As long as solar panels reach operation conditions of inverter,solar system can work as well.When distributed off-grid solar system is in rest,load shall be charged by power grid,and lack of electricity or power off is not possible to occur.

3. Is it likely in shortage of power when cold in Winter?

Answer:The direct factors influencing power generation is radiation intensity,sunlight duration and operation temperature of solar panels.Radiation intensity is weak,sunlight duration is shortened in Winter,thus power generation is less than in Summer.Nevertheless,distributed solar system is connected with power grid.Household loads shall not meet with lack of electricity or power off as long as there is electricity for power grid.

4. Is it necessary to switch off solar system for thunderstorm weather?

Answer:Distributed solar system is installed with lighting protect system(LPS),so it is not necessary to close it.For security,switch off breaker of combiner box is suggested.Cutting off connection circuit with solar panels can avoid direct lighting which cannot protected by LPS.Operation and maintenance staff should test LPS performance timely in case of possible harm caused by disable of LPS.

5. LPS only needs frame connected to ground to avoid lighting for household solar system?

Answer:DC port of frame connected to ground.In case of high placement of installation,surge protector is needed.Whats more,AC port needs surge protector as well.

6. How to clean solar panels?

Answer:Rain can clean solar panels,thus special maintenance is not suggested.If meet with adhesive dirt,you can just scrub with soft cloth and water.When cleaning surface of glass with soft brush and water,you need to clean it gently to avoid scratching surface of glass.The glass with coating film need to protect it from scratch.

7. Is it dangerous to get an electric shock When scrubbing?

Answer:It is not dangerous to scrub with water,because solar system and solar panels are protected by insulation and connected to ground.Nevertheless,to avoid possible electric shock by scrubbing solar panels and harm to solar panels in high temperature and intense radiation weather,it is suggested to clean in the morning or late afternoon.

8. Is it necessary to clean snows on solar panels?How to make it?

Answer:After snow,it is necessary to clean accumulated snows.You can take soft stuffs to push it down,and pay attention to glass protection.

9. Is it able to step on solar panel to make clean?

Answer:Solar panels have limited bearing,you cannot step on them for clean.If so,it can cause subfissure,and its harmful to performance and life span.

In a word,obey strictly to operation manual,and make maintenance and clean regularly,you can harvest with electricity from the next moment.

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